Saturday, August 29, 2015

USA university shortlisting - Truematics

USA is still one of the top destination for our indian students. Most of the students find difficult to short list university based on their academic profile. Truematics is expert in shortlisting university for usa education. We filter USA Universities based on GRE, TOEFL/IELTS score. In most of the university the history of arrears will be accountable. We would advice students to apply early inorder to avoid any delay.

There are more than 4000 institution in usa. For those who are interested in studying management studies, GMAT score would be required. In some university work experience is required to study MBA. Truematics would suggest some students who have no GMAT score, to pick institution where GMAT is not required. Several students have choosen truematics has their education consultants for studying in usa university. For further information please dont hesitate to contact us @ 9789978816

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Truematics - About us

Executive Summary
Truematics Consultancy Services is a professional organization aimed to provide education
consultancy of International standards at optimum cost to Indian students.

Truematics is committed to bring in continuous improvement in line with evolving student needs
by adapting a holistic approach integrated with committed professionals and interfaced with stateof-the-art-technology.

Truematics is a fusion of values and abilities. Diversity is its cornerstone and its employees reflect its commitment to work across cultures. A combination of extensive experience, global presence, indepth industry knowledge and strong dedication to help students in reaching their study destination, enables Truematics to provide result-oriented career solutions. Truematics has a panel of advisors and experts who have the latest knowledge on overseas education and ready information on expected changes. This expertise gives Truematics an edge over other big players in the overseas education industry.

Its leadership position is based on the vision of Suresh Kumar who developed a unique business
model to provide one-stop package of services to make an individual’s transition at the new land
completely hassle-free.

Truematics intend to maintain and strengthen its position in this lucrative market by relentlessly streamlining the process of student recruitment in rural as well as urban areas.

Company Location and Facilities

The company has its corporate and main operating office in Chennai, India. The company is very
close to Mount Road, which is the most important arterial road in Chennai. On this stretch, six
renowned colleges and 7 public schools are located. In addition, famous libraries such as British
Council, Tamilnadu Central Library and so on are close by. Being in the vicinity of educational
neighborhood is a plus factor.

The company is strategically located to connect bus, air and train services. To be precise, it is 10km from Airport and 2 km from railway station and 2-minute drive from bus station. The company has exclusive car parking facilities. The company website is

Service Description

Truematics Consultancy Services is dedicated towards providing education consultancy services to Indian students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them. From helping students define their goals to fulfill their chances of obtaining admission, Truematics seeks to help students at various stages of admission process.

Truematics Consultancy Services offer various services to help students realize their dreams. They are:
• Course Recommendation
• College Selection
• Standardized Test Preparation
• Transcript/ Recommendation Preparation
• Bank Statement / Financial Affidavit Preparation
• Financial Aid/Scholarship Application
• Visa Counseling
• Pre-Departure Orientation
• After - Landing services

The main objective of Truematics Consultant Services is to assist students in securing successful
admission in universities abroad. A comprehensive counseling is provided to students on a gamut of issues including information on courses, universities/colleges and options available in different countries.

Since admission to any of the universities is based on Academic excellence, we identify eligible
candidates based on their academic performance and other achievements. This helps us to suggest appropriate Universities to students based on their choice. We also provide details pertaining to eligibility criteria, list of required documents and the nuances of application/admission deadlines. We work in tandem with Universities pertaining to eligibility and admission requirements.

We counsel admission seekers on the requirements pertaining to student visa. The students and
their sponsors attain a comprehensive understanding on the prescribed norms recommended by
Visa issuing offices. The student and sponsors are left in no doubt whatsoever in respect to the
application process and necessary documents required. We make available the best appropriate
advice & guidance at no additional cost in utilizing the expertise, experience and knowledge of our immigration lawyers in conjunction with our own team of counselors. This avoids heartaches and disappointments resulting from Visa refusals.

We extend our assistance to students with the help of the International student council in these
Universities and provide the following services:
• Pick up at Airport
• Accommodation
• Guidance on Part-time jobs (if applicable)
• Introduction to relevant associations